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Here’s why 250,000+ SMBs choose Grasshopper:

  • Keep your existing number
  • Local number or a toll free
  • Call forwarding to mobile phone
  • No new hardware – use your existing phones
  • 30 days money back guarantee, Risk Free!

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By Date: January 1, 2018

We have been using Grasshopper for a few years and continue to be extremely happy with the service. Initial set up of our account was very easy to do and their customer service is 100% attentive which is key.
Beth Bender BeautyBeth Bender Beauty
Grasshopper is a great option for small businesses. We have two accounts, one for each of our businesses and love the ease of use and cost savings. We also use the mobile app to make calls to our customers. Customer service is responsive and their website makes it easy to find information. I highly recommend using them for your phone service.
Scott BroganScott Brogan
Grasshopper has provided us with great service and great pricing. The ease of which we were able to set up the account was a huge plus for us. We are a non profit and just starting out. Grasshopper was available and incredibly helpful in answering all of our questions.
D SquaredD Squared
We purchased the phone number from, a virtual pbx application. [Before using Grasshopper,] I personally did all the phone support for the past three months which ranged from five to twenty calls a day. [With Grasshopper,] all calls went straight to voicemail, and I’d call them back at either 10am or 3pm. I could even return the missed calls… Plus, having a phone number on our site raised our conversions +1.8%.
Allan BranchLess Accounting
While event logistics were fairly easy to arrange, I quickly realized that taking RSVPs from some 500 potential guests would be a daunting task for a ‘one person’ shop like mine. So, I took to the Internet, and happily discovered Grasshopper. I secured a toll-free response line that anyone could call, 24-7 from any location, free of charge (very convenient for our potential guests, who lived all over the state). At that time, this ended up costing the organization approximately $100, from start to finish. Considering what we gained from using Grasshopper, that was an incredibly reasonable price.
I love grasshopper! For a small business it enables my company to be professional and keep personal phone numbers separate. My employees love having their own extensions that ring at specific times. I highly recommend grasshopper!
Grasshopper is an amazing system with a great group of people behind it. We love the features and the ability to add numerous extensions is incredibly helpful for our team. The mobile app is also great as we can check our voicemail and make outgoing calls using our vanity phone number. Grasshopper has not only provided us exceptional service and great customer support (even at 2am) but they publish a great deal of quality content that truly helps businesses. We love having Grasshopper and recommend it to all our clients and friends.
All MavenAll Maven
I've had two business so far. Both startups and we have absolutely NO problem saying GRASSHOPPER IS THE BEST! Small companies on a budget will find this company provides the services that will make you look Fortune 500 in minutes. Our customers are greeted and transferred as if we had a receptionist sitting behind a desk in our corporate offices! We love the fact that there's always someone available to help us. Setup is relatively easy and, again, if you need help, there's someone in customer service to provide that assistance. Get it! Use it!
Damon CharityDamon Charity
Grasshopper is a great, easy tool to use for businesses which don't have a wired phone system or need to control virtual routing to various offices/phones which aren't tied. I've used them for two businesses now, one which I had several employees on their cell phones and our extensions in the system would go to their cell phones and another which is basically just a business number in front forwarding to a single line. They've got great features and are pretty competitively priced/cheap. I really love their service and will keep using them.
Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman
Forget messing up with painful transition

Work from anywhere. Maybe from the beach?

Tips & resources to grow business with Grasshopper

For everyone on your team or department

Zero distraction. Get the voice delivered to your email

We know you want to be flexible

Get vanity number for national or local presence

30 Days Guarantee. If you were unsatisfied

U.S. based support, ready to help you any time

No additional hardware investment. Use your existing phones

Your business on your hands

Flexible account management

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