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On April 10, 2015
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Grasshopper is an amazing system with a great group of people behind it. We love the features and the ability to add numerous extensions is incredibly helpful for our team. The mobile app is also great as we can check our voicemail and make outgoing calls using our vanity phone number. Grasshopper has not only provided us exceptional service and great customer support (even at 2am) but they publish a great deal of quality content that truly helps businesses. We love having Grasshopper and recommend it to all our clients and friends.

Cloud Phone System has started to get popularity lately because of features and benefits it offers. But sometimes people or small business know less about the facts about it.

A cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud, in servers run by third party company like Grasshopper. Unlike conventional phone systems, you don’t have get distressed with answering machine tape, wiring & cables. There is no such thing, so it’s environmentally friendly and less expensive. Everything is in the cloud. So here are few things that might be helpful if you’re looking for Grasshopper Reviews as a cloud phone system.

What is a cloud phone system?

Cloud phone is also known as cloud PBX and virtual PBX, because different from the conventional PBX system where you need to have set of hardwards, cloud based phone systems utilize secure data centers on the cloud to eliminate the need for expensive hardware and cables. Cloud phone providers own, configure, and manage these systems to ensure quality and security.

What is the difference between Grasshopper’s cloud phone system and VoIP?

Grasshopper’s cloud hosted system is not a VoIP system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider) uses the public internet to transmit phone calls, which can result in an unreliable connection and poor call quality. Grasshopper works on top of your existing landline or cell service, so voice quality never suffers.

Can I use a cloud-based phone system with my cell phone?

You sure can! Grasshopper’s system works with landlines, cell phones, or both, so you can use it from anywhere and at any time.

Is a virtual PBX system right for my business?

Probably. If you like saving time and money, sounding professional, and being mobile, there’s a good chance that a cloud business phone system is a great fit for you and your company.

Here is further review from small business owners who have used Grasshopper cloud phone system, taken from their official website:

“For example, you can have calls forwarded sequentially or concurrently to a computer, land line, or mobile device. We use this feature so that when a client calls into Urban Insight, the system finds an available support staff member to provide support.” –Chris Steins, Urban Insight

“With cloud-based hosting, the phone system turns into a unified communications system. With cloud-hosted VoIP, users access a web-based dashboard, which lets them manage features and check the status of other people on the system. For example, they can check to see if a person is on another call before transferring someone to that extension.” –ResourceNation

“With the right virtual phone system in place, your small or medium-sized business will get the same features you would have if you had invested more money in a high-tech and high-maintenance phone system.” –Randy Kremlacek


Talking about The Best Cloud Phone System, we really recommend Grasshopper. It’s the best option for small businesses. Here is the excerpt from Grasshopper website:

What’s so great about it?

  1. Cost Savings. A cloud pbx system is much less expensive than traditional land lines. It allows you to sound like a Fortune 500 company for a fraction of the price.
  2. Easy set-up. Because the system doesn’t require wire rerouting, cloud-based phone systems are easy and fast to set-up.
  3. Time saving. Traditional business phone systems are high maintenance and require intense set up. Skip all of that and save time.
  4. Remote capabilities. Remote capabilities is a fancy way of saying that you can easily hook a cloud phone system up to mobile phones, so you don’t have to be tied to a desk.
  5. Advanced features. Today’s cloud phone systems have all the advanced features you need, including the ability to add multiple extensions, message management, call forwarding, voicemail, and different physical phone options.

What about features?

  1. Message management. A cloud phone system differs from a traditional system in part because users can manage their messages, voicemails, and more.
  2. Call forwarding. A cloud phone system can help you forward calls to your support team, customer service desk, development team, or anywhere else.
  3. Voicemail. Most cloud-based systems allow you to record your own voicemail, set up multiple voicemails, read voicemails online, and more.
  4. Phone options. You can use traditional-looking phones in your office, or set up cell phones to receive calls with a cloud-based phone system.

Why It’s Great for Small Business

Cloud phone systems are ideal for small businesses for a lot of reasons:

  1. Grasshopper’s extensions, voicemail, and call forwarding work with your toll-free number to create a professional appearance and make your business sound bigger.
  2. Whether you’re crunched for time, money, or all of the above, a cloud-based phone system is the perfect solution with quick set-up and no additional hardware costs.
  3. Grasshopper’s cloud PBX solution combines a robust blend of features that allow you to be flexible, mobile, and productive – the trifecta for small business.

A cloud phone system is a great fit for any entrepreneur, and Grasshopper’s system will grow with your business, allowing you to focus on running it.