Top Reasons why a Virtual Phone Service Can Help Your Business

Find out how a virtual phone service can help your business. At least there are 16 ways where a virtual phone service can help you:

  1. Phone numbers – Advertise one main number or create as many local direct-dial and vanity 800 numbers as you need (warning: more numbers can mean a higher cost). You can typically set the caller ID you’d like to use so the person whom you’re calling will see your company’s name.

  2. Virtual receptionists and self-serve menus – Greet callers with a professional greeting and then send them on their way or offer a menu with options including an extension directory as well as location and business hours.

  3. Hold music – You can even pick your own!

  4. Call routing – Help your caller reach the right person with automation rules that you can change on the fly. Determine who gets the call using features such as group queues and simultaneous ringing and get your calls on the road with “follow-me” features that forward all calls to your mobile device. You can even set up screening rules so important calls are sent to you while less important calls are sent to voicemail.

  5. Other phone features – Most virtual phone services offer call transfer, call parking, caller ID, call waiting and do not disturb. Some even announce the caller (i.e. they ask the caller to say their name, record that and then play it for you before you accept the call) and call blocking.

  6. Click to call – Let your customers call you by clicking on a website button.

  7. Conference calling – It’s like an online party where you get work done.

  8. Faxes – Receive faxes and have them delivered via email.

  9. Voicemail – Think bigger than the simple ability to receive a voicemail. Many virtual phone services will forward a recording of your voicemails to your email address where you can play them immediately.

  10. Account management – Change, manage and monitor your phone system with an easy-to-use online dashboard. No complex systems to manage and no hardware to deal with.

Uncommon Features of a Virtual Phone Service

  1. Live attendant – Nothing’s better than having a live person answer your business phone. Some virtual phone services enable you to offer that experience without having to hire a receptionist.

  2. Voicemail transcriptions – Having a recording of each voicemail delivered to you via email is nice however, you can’t listen to one during a meeting. That’s when a transcribed voicemail, your message in text, really comes in handy.

  3. Call flip – Need to leave the office when you’re in the middle of a call? Call flip enables you to transfer the call to your mobile device so you can keep talking on the go.

  4. Web and video conferencing – Some virtual phone services offer the ability to host web and videoconferences as needed.

  5. Integration – Integrating your virtual phone service with often used applications lets you you set up efficient processes. For example, withRingCentral, you can send inbound faxes to specific Box folders and enable “click-to-call” from within the Zendesk customer service solution.

  6. Call recording – If you need to record a call, for either legal or training purposes, some virtual phone services offer that feature.

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