Why Citrix buys Grasshopper and its impact on SMBs

It was clear from the news that when Citrix acquired Grasshopper,  the intent of acquisition was to strengthen Citrix cloud based line of products such as GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, ShareFile and OpenVoice.

The acquisition is a great news because when it comes under a giant technology company like Citrix, we know that the innovated technology by Grasshopper can be further developed without being worried about financial support for research.

As we know Grasshopper offers a cloud-based corporate communications suite which allows firms to set up corporate phone directories with toll-free numbers, voicemail and all. Users can add departments and employee extensions, and incoming calls can be forwarded to mobile or home phone lines or skype accounts.

The company’s pitch is that it can offer companies – particularly those that work across multiple offices without any particular HQ – the ability to stand up a corporate coms telephony system without having to invest in a PBX box or any other expensive legacy kit typically involved with such an endeavour.

This acquisition for small businesses mean that they can integrate Grasshopper awesome Cloud phone systems with other great products of Citrix as mentioned above which cater for small businesses operations. All of these Citrix products and Grasshopper’s are great combination in helping small businesses.

Grasshopper Phone Review