Why Cloud Phone system is the choice of small business owners

With the development of new technology, now small business owners are parting with traditional landlines. At least 25 percent of households in America have stopped their subscription to the traditional land line phone service.

Actually speaking about traditional phone system and Internet or Cloud based system like that of what Grasshopper offers, there are few advantages and disadvantages.

For small businesses, investing in on-premise PBX systems is much more expensive than utilizing Cloud phone system. So in the small business owners perspective, Cloud phone system is the most suitable choice.

But for those businesses with sufficient budget, most still decide that having their on-premise phone system is more preferred knowing that they hold their own hardware in house which means less exposed to possible cyber crimes. While actually this is still debatable that even in the Cloud phone system, security system has been sophisticated so business of any size can be rest-assured that their communication is safe.

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